Merchant Manager

02.05.2019. Aranđelovac

We would love to invite you to join the team that’s launching the world's first software platform that's fully integrated with a marketplace economy powered by its own currency, educational platform and transportation system.

We’re seeking to rapidly fill positions in preparation for the upcoming academic year as part of our global launch and rollout.

Work from your own home, and as a Merchant Manager, you'll:
● Be fully trained to help you do this job well; no prior related work experience necessary
● Be responsible for staffing positions and training merchant and college managers
● Ensure the company is represented in a professional manner
● Complies with all operational policies and procedures
● Maintain a strong knowledge of the product, features and functionalities
● Manage the accountability for goals, objectives, and operational policies.
● Articulate vision to their area and builds and motivates teams to maximize sales and profitability.
● Be responsible for hiring, termination, performance, and salary decisions.
● Proactively finds ways to continue to grow the business and drive customer traffic to the platform

Send your application immediately to: collegepower2019@
If qualified, you'll be provided with exclusive access to the alpha product.
Other product and compensation terms and details apply.


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  • Merchant Manager
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